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Ages 3 - 4


MUSIC IN ME (ages 3-4) &

MORE MUSIC IN ME (ages 3-4)



Music in Me(3-4), students learn: keyboard geography, solfege singing, 3-4 piano pieces (4-8 measures) by ear, find high & low notes, draw line & space notes, learn even more note values, solfege on the piano and much more.

“Gitanjali truly enjoys going to music class. She loves the piano and what dancing or moving around there is to do.

...We drive up from San Jose for it and keep re-enrolling because we both like it and because I feel it is the best thing to do as preparation for individual piano lessons we’ll start sometime down the road.”
— David M., Gitanjali's dad

Ages 5- 7


HARMONY ROAD 1 (ages 5-6) & 

HARMONY ROAD 2-4 (ages 5-7) 


By the end of the 1st semester of Harmony Road, students play approximately 8-10 piano pieces (3 of them with both hands), Read notes on the Bass & Treble clef, learn simple harmonization techniques to start writing & playing their own songs on the piano.


Christine is an extraordinary teacher working with an amazing program. She has the keen ability to make the class fun yet challenging...

...she consistently sets a high standard for their behaviour in class and in their practicing on their own outside of class. It is fascinating to watch this process unfold in my daughter....she wants to keep learning, looks forward to the class each week despite the long car ride to Palo Alto and connects wonderfully with the other children.
— -Jean C.

Ages 5- 99



Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, 

Guitar, Flute, & Saxophone


Private lessons at New Mozart are taught by a group of experienced and nurturing teachers.  Our teachers are committed to helping you discover your musical potential and accomplish your musical goals whether it is to play for fun or perform professionally.


After studying violin at New Mozart for about two months, Ethan was able to perform a song in the year end violin recital!...

We are all amazed... Ethan became much more responsible, focused and expressive...
— Chunming D.




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