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Kind Words


"I loved that Abi made so much progress on learning the keyboard, even though she was having so much fun she didn't even notice she was learning. She went from 'hunt and peck' to playing with five fingers on both hands (at age 3)!"

-Andrea C., Abigail's mom. Took MIM, MMIM & returning for HRI




"Dear Miss Christine,

I wanted to let you know how fondly we think of having taken Harmony Road with you.  Our son, Ansel, was in your classes about 5 years ago.  Now our daughter has just turned 5 and we live in the East Bay.  We signed her up for beginning piano near our home, and it just doesn't come anywhere close to the amazing-ness of the classes you teach..."

- Michelle K. Ansel's mom.  Took MIM, MMIM, HRI & HRII


"Julia performed the two songs she wrote at the Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center Talent Show... The audience was blown away, not only that she could play a song with two hands and with chords in the left hand, but that she wrote the songs herself! This is truly a remarkable program... As one other Mom told me, "I considered putting my child in private lessons, but I don't think she'd get as much theory as they get in Harmony Road" My thoughts exactly. We're with you through HR IV."

-Joyce D., Julia's mom. Took MIM, HRI, HRII, & returning for HRIII

“Dear Teacher Christine,

Jordan and I so thoroughly enjoyed your class today. Your voice is so beautiful! The music you played was so touching. Jordan is so blessed to have such an introduction to piano!

Following the class today, Jordan came home to tell his dad he wants to be a "piano teacher" when he grows up, while he has previously wanted to be a pilot. He must have been so mesmerized by your teaching…”

-Janice W. Jordan’s mom. Took HR1. Returning for HRII

"New Mozart's Harmony Road Program is a wonderful program that enables children to learn basic music theory, enjoy singing and love playing the piano. I have friends who said, " your son is only 5 years old and you're letting him play the piano. He can't possibly be ready for that yet!

My son not only enjoyed coming to his Harmony Road class every Saturday but he looked forward to practicing what he learned from class at home as often as 6 days a week. He wasn't being forced to practice he just simply loved the music and the piano.

By the end of the course, my son was not only reading his notes very well but he was able to play songs (by ear) that were not even taught in class.

We absolutely loved Christine. She made us (my son, husband and I) want to learn how to play the piano... What a privilege it has been for my son to be a part of this wonderful program!"

-Stella C., Aiden's mom. Took HRI. Returning for HRII


"The class taught Claire the fundamentals of music which she uses to have fun on the piano and to create new music. For example, she likes to take music that she knows and then change the key. She also has been teaching herself new songs by ear. This summer, she has taught herself how to play a Beatles song that she sang in school. I think she has been given tools from HRI and she is now exhibiting that she can use those tools! It is fun for us to watch... We love teacher Christine. She taught the kids a lot in a very loving way, and also expected a lot from them. Claire really took it to heart that she should practice everyday. We went camping one weekend and Claire decided that without a piano to practice, she would sing all of her pieces."

-Allyson S., Claire's mom. Took TTI, TTII, MIM, MMIM, & HRI. Returning for HRII

"Teacher Christine is an excellent teacher! She puts all her passion in every class she teaches. It's really hard for 6-year-old boys to take an hour music class and never get bored. But Christine has successfully accomplished The Mission Impossible.My twin boys love the classes!"

-Sherri M. Jonathan and Jeffrey's mom. Took HRI, HRII, HRIII, & HRIV.

"Christine is an extraordinary teacher working with an amazing program. She has the keen ability to make the class fun yet challenging...

...she consistently sets a high standard for their behavior in class and in their practicing on their own outside of class. It is fascinating to watch this process unfold in my daughter....she wants to keep learning, looks forward to the class each week despite the long car ride to Palo Alto and connects wonderfully with the other children.

I credit all of this to Christine's real love of the music and teaching; her calm, fun-loving and easy personality; and her desire to share and encourage the joyful experience of music in others. She is a treasure.

This has been one of the most important activities my daughter has participated in over the past year which has contributed positively to her overall self-esteem, love for music and development of her internal understanding of her own creativity and imagination."

-Jean C. Nia's mom. Comes each week from Berkley. Took HR I, II, III, & IV.




"I am a professional, classically trained singer who has performed regularly at the New York Metropolitan Opera for the past 10 years. There is no substitute for learning solfege and the basic structure of musical harmony along with the nuts and bolts of reading and writing music at a young age, regardless of what instrument you will play or whether you simply want to be an educated musical listener. The New Mozart School of Music teaches these fundamentals of music with so much joy and warmth, and the classes are as enjoyable for parents as they are for their children.

Music is in it's own way a special kind of foreign language that we all can learn so easily when we are young, but it is very hard to achieve true facility and fluency once this window of opportunity closes.

I have spent a lot of time in music classes for my young daughters, and The New Mozart School of Music is absolutely unique in it's approach to teaching music to young children. It is every bit as entertaining as any music class I have ever attended, but unlike other classes, every song and game is building a solid foundation, teaching the language of music that can be applied to any form of music that a child will undertake in the years to come.

Both of my children also have developed extremely good relative pitch after only a few months of instruction, and I can't believe how quickly my oldest daughter is progressing at the piano in her Harmony Road Class.

I am thrilled and happy that my children have access to these classes as such a young age. We are so fortunate to have this amazing school in our community."

-Malin Fritz Walrod, professional opera singer & Julianna & Erika's mommy

"I just wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful our teacher is. She is a gifted teacher who knows exactly how to teach the material to young children and she handles the class with great skill. We think the world of her! Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for us. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week."

-Michelle P. Ethan's mom


Toddler Tunes(2-3 yrs) & Music in Me(3-4 yrs)

"After attending the first Toddler Tunes class, my two and a half year old son loved it. He amazed me one day when I heard him singing "do do sol sol la la sol...¨ (twinkle twinkle little star) while he was playing with his toys. That was after his third class! He really enjoyed playing the keyboard in the class to harmonize with his teacher, Christine.... I was so surprised that just a few lessons can impact a young boy so much ... I really recommend it."

-Angela B., Garriet's mom

"Although they are very shy in class, they really enjoy it. The other day, I took out our instruments and Ryan was chanting "One, two, cha cha cha" without any prompting from me. Also, they love to sing the mouse song, and the do re mi song. It's great to see that they're absorbing. Thanks!"

-Susana C., Ryan & Lindsey's mom

"My 3 year old grand-daughter really enjoyed her music class. She likes singing the songs she learned in class, tapping with a spatula. Toddler Tunes has really influenced her musically and we can't wait till the next session!"

-Maria S., Mone's grandma

"Toddler Tunes was the perfect way to introduce my 2 1/2 year old daughter to music appreciation. Not only was it fun for her, but it showed me how to use music to begin teaching her about rhythm, tempo, pitch and piano play. She enjoyed the combination of familiar and new songs that we danced to and sang. She got to play a variety of rhythm instruments as well as the piano. When class was over, she continued to happily sing songs and play with instruments at home. Also, it was a nice environment for her to socialize with children her age. I highly recommend this fun and educational musical experience you can share with your child."

-Sachi H., Leia's mom

"My mother-in-law, Linda, and my daughter, Sophie, are really enjoying your class and plan to continue in the winter. Sophie sings the songs from class when she is at home playing and demonstrated how she can play Hot Cross Buns on the piano. Thanks for the terrific class!"

-Kelly G., Sophia's mom

"Gitanjali truly enjoys going to music class. She loves the piano and what dancing or moving around there is to do. She liked jumping into and out of the whole note with Toon and likes going round and round the whole note with you. She loves the 'if you're happy and you know it' action song, the 'do on my knee' action song, and pretty much any other similar one.

Christine, this is a very satisfying class for Gitanjali and me. We drive up from San Jose for it and keep re-enrolling because we both like it and because I feel it is the best thing to do as preparation for individual piano lessons we'll start sometime down the road."

-David M., Gitanjali's dad


Harmony Road (K-2nd)


"Great program. I have recommended it to MANY friends in the area...fantastic. Very energetic, fabulous voice, inspiring pianist. Our teacher's energy level and ability to keep the kids moving and engaged made for a wonderful class. Her balance of a positive attitude and patience with her ability to keep the kids focused was impressive. The fact that the kids were learning "real" piano was fantastic. And I really liked the singing component. It also introduced my younger son to the program and he will definitely join Harmony Road when he becomes the right age."

-Julie M., Finn's mom

"Our whole family has been benefiting from your class and enjoying the music that Eva is learning. My identical twin 2 ½ year old girls were in their cribs last night singing 'Sugar Cookies'"

-May H., mom of Eva

"Hi Christine,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making this class a delightful learning experience for Siddharth and Leela. Their love for music has grown immensely and apart from enjoying the class, they happily practice what they have learned. I could not have asked for more.

I have been trained in Indian classical music and what the kids are learning is new and exciting for me too. They have taught me to read music and they even challenge me to play what you have taught them!

Our nanny, Elizabeth has nothing but praise for your well organized lessons and enthusiasm for teaching. Elizabeth has worked with the
kids on regularly practising what they have learnt. It has done a lot for their confidence and sustained their interest in the class as the
complexity of their lessons has increased.

Although Leela has been to music classes before, I have tried several classes rather unsuccessfully with Siddharth. Harmony Road has been quite the opposite! I have never seen him so self motivated to experiment with the keyboard we have at home.

Once again, thank you for everything you have done to instill a love for music in Siddharth and Leela. I have recommended Harmony Road I highly to friends and I definitely will be enrolling Siddharth and Leela in Harmony Road II."

-Roshni S., Leela & Siddarth's mom

"Benjamin and I, even our little one Jeremy enjoy your class very much. I like the gentle and encouraging manner you have with the kids, you put them at ease and in the mean time they are motivated to learn. Benjamin is proud to show to our house guests the few songs he learned to play. I also tell other parents the program you have.

Neither my husband nor I had any skill and knowledge of music, I can't read music notes! So I am learning with Benjamin.

Keep up with your great work and thanks!"

-Sherry W., Benjamin's mom

"Oh we have nothing but great things to say about the class! My girls are still singing non-stop. I've actually had some music classes in SF with Izabelle when she was younger, and the difference is pretty amazing. I think song choices are wonderful and the hands on piano playing together with the teacher helps them feel like they are really playing that well...We love it..."

-Athea L., Sophia& Izabelle's mom

"My five year old has benefited from the structure and easy-to-learn songs of the Harmony Road class...The New Mozart School class has begun teaching him about specific components of rhythm (quarter and whole notes), and emphasized scales and tones in an easy to learn way. A particular highlight for him was playing "two black keys" and "three black keys", accompanied by the teacher, when he could hear the harmonies of his input with the teacher's. A big bright light bulb went on, and his eyes got big when he heard the combinations - he was making music, not just fun sounds. He also had fun practicing things from class at home, and was hungry to have the class more often, sometimes asking "why can't I go to music class each day?"

-Mark F., Reed's dad

"I think the class has been absolutely wonderful. I really like the well-rounded approach – not just piano, but lessons on rhythm, tone, singing, theory, etc. I think you’ve been great with both the kids and the parents, and even with the occasional guests we have. Noah and I both love coming to the class and I’d definitely recommend it to other families.

Thanks for making this a wonderful experience. I look forward to the next session with you."

-Sharon C., Noah's mom