Kind Words From Our Parents & Students

I am a professional, classically trained singer who has performed regularly at the New York Metropolitan Opera for the past 10 years...I have spent a lot of time in music classes for my young daughters, and The New Mozart School of Music is absolutely unique in its approach to teaching music to young children...We are so fortunate to have this amazing school in our community.
— Malin Fritz Walrod
From the teachers to the front staff, the entire school has been an amazing experience for our family. Teachers Barbara and Catarina are so gifted in their ability to work with young children and from registration to scheduling, the staff are responsive, accommodating and a pleasure to interact with.
— Jennifer P.
This has been one of the most important activities my daughter has participated in over the past year which has contributed positively to her overall self-esteem, love for music and development of her internal understanding of her own creativity and imagination.
— Jean C.
My son and daughter have been studying music (guitar) at New Mozart since past 4 years. I must admit this was our 4th or 5th music academy and we were apprehensive when we started there since our expectations are very high. BUT We have been thrilled at the quality of the music teachers, the method of teaching and MOST importantly how the teacher (Thomas) ensure the kids are engaged and interested.
To make my point- I don’t have to ask my kids to practice- they get so excited about their piece that they want to come home and practice!!!

Also the director Christine has been very helpful when a guitar teacher has moved on by ensuring the kids got the right kind of teacher that suits their personality. This, I think very few music academies do for their customers. She knows each student so well that she won’t hesitate to let us know which teacher works for kids and which doesn’t. Goes to show the love and commitment to providing world class music to kids!!

Also their admin staff is very kind, flexible and always willing to help.
— Sush M.
We’ve been extremely pleased with your school and the faculty. Our teacher has taken our children’s talent to new heights and have won my utmost respect for her teaching skills...
— Ann Q.
I started to take violin lessons from Teacher Michele last year. At the beginning not only could I not play any musical instruments, I couldn’t even read musical notes. Therefore, going into this I really didn’t have very high expectations that I would improve much in a year. Fast forward to today and I now manage to read musical notes and play the pieces written by classical composers such as Bach, Handel and Brahms!

This is all thanks to Michele, she is an amazing teacher. She encourages me when I’m down and pushes me when I get lazy... you are making my dreams come true!
— Ochan O
We are very happy with our teacher. She is great with children. Very experienced... Caleb is really starting to love the piano. proud of her accomplishments and so are we.
— Jerry & Gloria Y.
New Mozart’s Harmony Road Program is a wonderful program that enables children to learn basic music theory, enjoy singing and love playing the piano. I have friends who said, “ your son is only 5 years old and you’re letting him play the piano. He can’t possibly be ready for that yet!

My son not only enjoyed coming to his Harmony Road class every Saturday but he looked forward to practicing what he learned from class at home as often as 6 days a week. He wasn’t being forced to practice he just simply loved the music and the piano.

By the end of the course, my son was not only reading his notes very well but he was able to play songs (by ear) that were not even taught in class.

We absolutely loved Christine. She made us (my son, husband and I) want to learn how to play the piano... What a privilege it has been for my son to be a part of this wonderful program!
— Stella C.
My elementary-school-aged son is a near-beginner guitar student and has been taking lessons with Patrick at New Mozart for the last 7 weeks. Patrick is just phenomenal. He’s amazingly positive, nice, funny, supportive, and effective. He has my son jump into new chords and songs. My son suggested a couple of songs from the radio and Patrick learned them and teaches them. He uses play along techniques, plays piano accompaniment, and has a programmable drum machine. He is able to gradually teach music theory in a way that in no way interferes with the jamming and the fun. My son is thriving. We’re on a wait list for additional time with Patrick!

The staff has been courteous, responsive, and efficient. I prefer email communications—and they are clear and concise over email.
— Juan S.
After studying violin at New Mozart for about two months, Ethan was able to perform a song in the year end violin recital!...

We are all amazed... Ethan became much more responsible, focused and expressive...

We LOVE Ethan’s teacher. It takes patience, commitment, professionalism, passion and enthusiasm to teach a four year old boy. She translates the music notes into kids languages, “strawberry, watermelon…”. She corrects the mistakes in a positive and fun way. She tells a story when demonstrating a song. No matter how tired she is, she always has that sunshine smile on her face... She is the one who opened the gate of music for Ethan...

New Mozart School is very informative and responsive. They communicate with me about all the upcoming events, remind me about important dates, answer all my questions in a very timely manner.
— Chunming D.
Oh we have nothing but great things to say about the class! My girls are singing non-stop. I’ve actually had some music classes in SF with Izabelle when she was younger, and the difference is pretty amazing ...We love it...
— Athea L.
Great program. I have recommended it to MANY friends in the area...fantastic
— Julie M.
We are very pleased. William enjoys playing the piano and progressed well...Our teacher is wonderful and talented.
— Carol B.
I think the class has been absolutely wonderful. I really like the well-rounded approach...Noah and I both love coming to the class.
— Sharon C
I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making this class a delightful learning experience for Siddharth and Leela. Their love for music has grown immensely and apart from enjoying the class, they happily practice what they have learned. I could not have asked for more.
— Roshni S.
Gitanjali truly enjoys going to music class. She loves the piano...We drive up from San Jose for it....
— David M.
We like our teacher very much...We are very excited to see our son’s dramatic improvement in piano skills since he started with her.
— Hiromi L.