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Call to All String Players to Join CHMYO Orchestra in Heidelberg Germany


New Mozart School of Music is excited to partner with CHMYO (Cambridge-Heidelberg-Montpellier-Youth-Orchestra) to bring 3-4 qualified string players (age 14-17) from Palo Alto to Heidelberg this summer.  

CHMYO is a prestigious youth orchestra exchange program with Heidelberg, Cambridge (UK), Montpellier (France) that began 50 years ago. The orchestra visits each of the three countries in turn each summer.


Selected musicians from Palo Alto will join CHMYO for 10 days this summer for an intensive and in depth musical experience. CHMYO will additionally organize excursions and place students with host families. The exchange consists of rehearsals during the daytime; organized trips and events, usually in the early evening, and free time for students to spend with their host families or meet up with each other. There is usually one day without rehearsals in the middle of the exchange, when there is a day trip away from the host city.

CHMYO program will be held in Heidelberg from Thursday, 26th July, to Monday, 6th August 2018.

Aims and Objectives of CHMYO:

  • To provide the opportunity for young musicians to study and perform symphonic works for orchestra with professional conductors
  • To enable students to experience the lifestyle and cultures of other European countries through an international exchange hosted by families of students
  • To develop a shared understanding between young people from different countries, through social and musical interaction

To be considered for the exchange, the student:

  • Should be able to play at an orchestra level, meaning that s/he has experience playing in an orchestra, and working with difficult sections of the music in their own time.  
  • Must be a resident of Palo Alto or the immediately surrounding cities within 5 mile radius.
  • Must be between the ages of 14-17.   

All expenses are paid!  CHMYO will organize host families, programs, rehearsals, excursions, pick up from airport Frankfurt/International.  Airfare to Frankfurt is not paid and the selected musicians are expected to arrange and pay for the journey to Frankfurt.

For inquiries, please email with the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Age
  • Instrument
  • Teacher's name
  • How long have you studied the instrument?
  • Can you pay for the airfare to Frankfurt?
  • Are you available 7/26-8/6 (add one day on each end for traveling)?

Students have been selected.  We will see you in Heidelberg this summer!