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Our patient guitar teachers are experienced in working with students of all levels and teach  rock to jazz, classical to pop, Spanish to chording. 

What is a good age to start guitar lessons?
Guitar is easier for children who are at least 7 years old. It takes a lot of strength in the wrists as well as the fingers to be able to push down the strings. Some children can become frustrated if they are too young. If your child is younger and is persistent in wanting to play the guitar, you should ease them into it by introducing the piano first. This really is the best instrument to start on, and it will help your child when he does transfer to the guitar. We also recommend our Harmony Road program which starts at age 2.

As a beginner, should I be using an electric or acoustic guitar?
The acoustic and electric guitar have many similarities. Electric guitars are generally much easier to play than acoustic guitars. The strings are lighter, and easier to press down. The sore fingers that many novices experience when learning on an acoustic guitar, generally are not nearly as much of an issue when learning on electric guitar.

Electric guitars have a different role in music than acoustic guitars. Whereas acoustic guitars are often used to strum chords to many songs, electrics are used to play "guitar leads" as well as chords. They each have advantages and disadvantages to the beginner. It is easier to learn to fingerpick on an acoustic. Barre chords and power chords are easier to learn on an electric. Most people learn how to strum the acoustic, but rarely take the time to explore the many styles and sounds that it is capable of. Because of the nature of the electric guitar, many beginners learn power chords and then little else. And when the acoustic player gets his first electric, he tends to play it like an acoustic. And vice versa. So which is better? The one you desire to play would be the better one for you!

Note to parents! When choosing a guitar for your child. Try to realistically assess what they'd like best, as opposed to what you'd like them to play. Their progress will be noticeably better when playing a guitar they like.

Remember! Keeping your guitar out of the case, in plain view at all times, is tremendously important - you'll find yourself playing MUCH more. If you decide on an electric guitar, you might even consider leaving the cord in the guitar, plugged into the amplifier. That way, you can simply pick up the guitar, flick the amp on, and begin playing.




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