Notes from Christine a Decade Ago

explains why we started Harmony Road at New Mozart School of Music


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I'm Christine, director of the New Mozart School of Music.

The birth of New Mozart's Harmony Road was the result of my own quest to find the best program for my son Julian. As a music educator of 18 years and performer since young age, I felt that many of the music programs I attended with my son had some deficiencies that could be filled. I began searching for a comprehensive program that doesn't underestimate the musical abilities of young children. In preparation, I researched, and studied different methodologies on early childhood music education including Orff at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, and Dalcroze at the Juilliard School of Music. After three years of serious planning and preparation, New Mozart's Harmony Road began in the summer of 2005. To ensure the quality of our classes, I have been heavily involved in teaching as well as teacher training, and refining our curriculum with the help of my husband Dr. Paul Lee, a Stanford educated cognitive psychologist.

New Mozart's Harmony Road curriculum is influenced by Suzuki, Kodaly, Orff & Dalcroze. Going one step further, we have made piano an integral part of our curriculum. The graduates of our Harmony Road are often further ahead on piano than students enrolled in general group piano classes or private lessons. With their strong musical foundation, the graduates of our program are then ready to start lessons on any instrument.

Approaching now the summer of 2006, New Mozart's Harmony Road program has grown to 120 students ranging in ages from 2-7. The graduates of our Harmony Road II will be performing their very own piano compositions in Palo Alto this June.

I feel that now I have come full circle in my musical career. Before the birth of my son Julian, I thought that I had to choose between being a singer or pianist and teaching piano or teaching voice. Through my own quest to find the best musical education for my son, I found that there was no need to separate my different musical experiences. I am happy that I can utilize my years of education and experiences in piano, voice, & early childhood music and teach a curriculum that uses them all for a more holistic approach to music education.

The major source of my desire to improve and refine our program is the New Mozart's Harmony students themselves. They inspire me with their love of music, creativity & talent and by allowing me to witness the realization of my belief that young children are capable of so much more.