Annabel Zhao Placed 2nd Place at NATS Singing Festival


We’re so proud of Teacher Diane’s student Annabel who participated NATS competition twice and won second place in her category in both competitions.

On Nov 3 2018, she won 2nd place in SFBAC NATS Musical Theater / CCM Competition.

On March 2 2019, she won 2nd place in SFBAC NATS Classical Competition.

Annabel is a vibrant nine year old currently in 4th grade. She loves singing and has been taking voice lessons with Teacher Diane since May 2018. In her own words, “lessons with Ms Diane are the best lessons” she has ever taken. Teacher Diane has helped her overcome her stage fright and has instilled a deeper love of music and singing.

Congratulations Annabel for all your accomplishments.