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Come & Experience New Mozart's Innovative, Piano based Music Classes for Children as Young as Three Years of Age.


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New Mozart Harmony Road 1-4 students perform their own compositions & sing at the recital



Since 2005, New Mozart has delighted thousands of families with Harmony Road.

Teacher Christine is an excellent teacher! She puts all her passion in every class she teaches. It’s really hard for 6-year-old boys to take an hour music class and never get bored. But Christine has successfully accomplished The Mission Impossible. My twin boys love the classes!
— Sherri M. Jonathan and Jeffrey's mom

Children Love Our Classes &

Parents Rave About Them!



Because we teach young children how to play the piano & 
create music the way they learned how to walk, talk, & dance.

New Mozart Composers


In our Harmony Road, young students become composers

See more student compositions here. 

New Mozart Pianists

Harmony Road I student Jonathon (5) plays
Jingle Bells in the key of C Major with both hands

Harmony Road II student Jessica (5 in the video) plays
Lightly Row & Long Long Ago here using Alberti Bass style of accompaniment in the left hand.

Harmony Road II student, Melanie Clark (age 5) performs Fiddler Fiddler and her own composition, "My Ballon"

Harmony Road IV student Emma (6) performs Minuet in G by J.S. Bach

In our Harmony Road, young children become pianists!

New Mozart Complete Musicians


In our Harmony Road, young children become well-rounded musicians!

Every class includes:

Solfege Singing

Rhythmic Activities

Moving to Music

Ear Training

Keyboard Repertoire

Note Reading

Keyboard Harmony

Creative Activities and Composing

And Best of All,

We Always Have a Lot of Fun!!!


Jam session with Ms. Christine after the recital

Developmentally Sound

Age Appropriate Classes


Music in Me

ages 3-4


Harmony Road 1

ages 5-6

HR-Young Musician



Harmony Road Graduates Succeed

The education children receive in our Harmony Road has a lasting impact on their musical future.  

Many of our most talented private lesson students are graduates of our Harmony Road program.  Here are just a few examples


See Bartholomew perform at the New Mozart Honors Recital 2016

  • Talented pianist Bartholomew is a graduate of our Harmony Road program.

  • Bartholomew placed 2nd place at the US Open Music Competition 2016.

  • He passed level 8 of Carnegie Hall Royal Achievement Program.

  • He gave a full length solo piano recital at the Recital Hall, Santa Clara University on June 24th playing Rachmaninoff, Bach, Chopin, Grieg, his own composition & more.

  • For 3 years in a row, he received scholarship to attend the prestigious Interlochen Arts Camp.

See Angelina perform Not for the Life of Me at the New Mozart Winter Recital 2015.

  • Angelina is a talented singer/actress who began her musical study in our Harmony Road program. She currently takes voice lessons with Teacher Diane.

  • She appeared on Bravo, Nickelodeon, and numerous theatre productions.

  • Palo Alto Weekly featured her in an article. Go here to read.

Through our innovative approach, we teach our students to understand music intuitively & creatively without sacrificing the formal aspects of music education.


Articles for Parents Written by Our Experts

“I am a professional, classically trained singer who has performed regularly at the New York Metropolitan Opera for the past 10 years...I have spent a lot of time in music classes for my young daughters, and The New Mozart School of Music is ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE in its approach to teaching music to young children...

unlike other classes, every song and game is building a solid foundation, teaching the language of music that can be applied to any form of music that a child will undertake in the years to come...

I am thrilled and happy that my children have access to these classes at such a young age. We are so fortunate to have this amazing school in our community.”
— Malin Fritz Walrod, Julianna & Erika's Mom & professional opera singer

New Mozart's Harmony Road is directed by Christine Shin who has extensive training in early childhood music education theories (Dalcroze at the Juilliard School in New York, Orff at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, & Kodaly at Holy Names) in addition to her classical piano & vocal background.  She has been teaching music since 1989 and has served as the chair of the Palo Alto branch of the National Guild of Piano Teachers for many years. Go here to read her full bio.